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Here were the top experiments produced this year:

Mr. Marella's Honors Student Experiments by Topic:


How does new technology affect the number of fatalities due to hurricanes in the Gulf Coast Region? by Anisha, Jess, and Meg

How does a hurricane's category affect temperature change before and after the hurricane? by Adam and Matt S.

Does the number of hurricanes in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas affect their monthly temperatures? by Caitlin and Lauren

Do hurricanes have an effect on extreme temperatures in Georgia? by Michelle and Sara

How does the amount of hurricanes in Florida affect the production of oranges? by Melanie

If the temperature of the water in the Gulf of Mexico from 1995-2001 increased,did this cause an increase in the strength of hurricanes that passed through that area and hit land? -Stephen

Study of the Effect of the Number of Hurricanes that Strike Louisiana on the Air Temperature During Hurricane Season and Months that Follow by Pam Elizabeth and Anna

Does the category of a hurrican effect the temperature of the area it hit? By Morgan and Maeve

How does the strength of a hurricane effect the cost? Eric, Kyle, Dev

How does water temperature affect Hurricane strength? By Chris and Jared


How does the average temperature effect the strength of the tornado by Stephen Nick and Adrian

How air moisture and temperature in the Gulf of Mexico has affected tornado frequency and intensity over a 50 year period(1960-2010) by Billy and Bryce

Jack, Kevin and Sam

The Effect of Climate Change on the Frequency of Major Tornadoes in Florida. Julia, Anna and Erin

How Climate change effects Tornados and how many fatalities/injuries are caused by them By Josh and Audrey

How does climate change affect the quantity and strength of tornadoes in Kansas and Nebraska By Erin, Ellena & Renee

What increases the death rate of a tornado? Rachael, Melissa, and Sophie


http://effect-of-temperature-on-snow.wikispaces.com/home By Jeffrey

How does winter precipitation affect the number of fatal car crashes in CT? by Mary, Julia, and Valentina

The Effect of the El Ni ño on the annual precipitation in Connecticut, Texas, and Hawaii. by Anna and Kyle

The Effect of El niño on the amount of fish caught by fisheries. By: Alexis, Max, and Jon

**Does the temperature of Antarctica affect its precipitation?** By Sophie, Ramya, and Andrew

In the U.S., is there a correlation between the amount of precipitation in the winter and the amount of precipitation in the summer? By:SarahKatherine, Mia, and Marissa


How temperature effects the NFL. An in depth study by Nathan Kotler, Ryan Tyler, and Billy Ju

How does temperature in Florida affect the nesting rate of sea turtles?- Haley and Caitlin

How does temperature effect the frequency of tornadoes in Nebraska?-Cassie, Nicole,Jake

Does the temperature of Summer affect the temperature of Winter?- Alexa and Carolyn


How does air temperature affect vegetation? By Carlye, Giselle, and Tasha

How does average annual temperature in California affect the peach production and sales within the U.S. as a whole? - Dan, Brad,& Jordan

The Effect of Precipitation Rates on Wheat Growth By Lauren and Emma


Plate tectonics effect on weather. By Matthew Julian


How do temperature and precipitation affect migratory bird behavior in Connecticut? By Cameron and Maya

Forest Fires:

How do temperature and precipitation affect wildfire spread? By Leezy, Olivia, and Abi

Overall Project Goal:

  • By completing this project you will apply all that you have learned about scientific lab skills to develop your own real investigation of something you are curious about related to weather and/or climate.
  • NOTE: This is not a 'report' where the goal is only to research what scientists say about a topic (like we did on our climate change wiki) but rather an 'experiment' where you will gather objective online data to help you answer your original question. The best projects will ask significant questions that have not been asked/researched by other scientists. This way you will be DOING real science instead of just learning about what others have found.

Your Task:

Each student or group of students (up to 3) will...
  1. Generate their own research questions related to weather or climate
  2. Research appropriate background information related to these research questions
  3. Refine their ideas into one specific scientifically testable question (with a clear IV & DV) based upon what they learned from their research
  4. Design a procedure to test out their question
  5. Gather appropriate data using reputable online data sources to help answer the research question
  6. Analyze the data to determine significant patterns/relationships
  7. Discuss the validity of your investigation
  8. Draw an appropriate conclusion

All of these items will be presented throughout the process on your own Wikispace which will be linked below. You will also be asked to read & peer review your classmates' investigations.

Why use Wikispaces for this project?
  • It allows for in-process teacher & peer review so that the final product can be even better
  • It allows you to easily share your research with not only your peers--but also the world.